Amazing Australia: Visit Top 5 Destinations of the Continent with American Airlines

The continent surrounded by the Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean offer the cities of world class to be visited with American Airlines Reservations. Book your tickets in advance at American Airlines Official Sites and American Airlines Flights. Top 5 cities of the continent are visited by the tourists from around the world. Let us explore the basics of the cities

Sydney: Almost everything is adorned the city of modern era. It is distinguished by scenic water shelters for boats.  You cannot miss the Opera House the beat attraction of the city. Sydney is non-stop in organizing the events of various kinds. City has much to offer. The museums, Theaters, Cinemas and one who has the cultural thriving got to Sydney please. Go and jump into Bondi Beach, wonder in the National parks and witness the historical sites. Conclusive destination among destinations is Sydney.

Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park: The park is listed in the top and most visiting park in the world. The giant rock is the best attraction. Rock formation inside the park is amazing. Bike riding and walks on the red hue will give you the feeling of Mars.

The Great Barrier Reef: The wonder on earth and is visible from the space. It is the greatest coral reef system and broadened about 2300 km. The powerful ecosystem comprised of 2900 reefs separately. Tow million visitors witness the amazing and incredible ecosystem every year. To enjoy the underwater world, just take the experience of snorkeling and scuba diving. You can take a panorama view of the coral reefs with helicopter ride.

Melbourne: Capital of culture. Australia’s second largest city. The messaging Melbourne has lots of to offer to its visitors. You must involve yourself in wondering the city’s streets and fabulous green parks, delicious cuisines and more.

Brisbane. The city is known for various reasons specially its climate. The vibrant music in the musical nights will force to you make some noise. Lovely resorts and beaches offer the fun you search for. Opt your fun form the list; bike riding, river rafting, climbing and crying loudly to realize your tension. The city has no limit to finish anything at all. Come to the city of Sunshine.

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A Quick Guide to Dominica when Doing American Airlines Reservations

Dominica is the island country in the West Indies. The island is 29 miles long and has 16 miles breadth. The spectacular mountains and natural beauty have attracted several generations of nature lovers. It is a paradise for divers, naturalists and hikers, take a visit to this heavenly beautiful place with American Airlines Flights and get lost in the incredible beauty of this place. There is a lot to do in this place, so let’s discuss some main spots to visit in Dominica.

Boiling Lake

The place is located in the Morne Trois Pitons National Park, it is a famous boiling lake and is flooded fumarole reached after a hike of 3-4 hour from the Laudat village. It is the world’s second largest boiling lake at approximately 63m across. There is no road leading to the lake, it is almost 13 km return hike to the lake from the road.

Morne Trois Pitons National Park

It is a World Heritage site which was established by the government of Dominican in July 1975. It is famous for its luxuriant natural green forests up to the fascinating peaks with unreliable volcanic features of scientific interest in the national park known as Morne Trois Pitons.

Trafalgar Falls

It is an amazing twin waterfall also known as the father and the mother falls. It hardly takes a 20 minutes’ drive from the Roseau. One can easily reach this place by taking a short 10-15-minute walk along the well-maintained path and people can capture the beauty of falls in cameras.

Victoria Falls

Another amazing place to explore in Dominica, the fall is 165 ft. height and flows in the white river which is sourced from the well-known Boiling lake. Climbing rocks, traversing trail paths and climbing rocks makes this hike more adventures and interesting. With American Airline Deals, one can make this trip more memorable without giving any harm to your pocket.

The place has lots more to explore especially for Mother Nature lovers. The lush green place has lots more to experience, and make a memorable experience by logging onto American Airlines Official site to know about all the details that will help you fly to Dominica.

Top 5 Desert in Morocco: A Must Watch Beauty of Desert Dunes

Flying to Morocco for witnessing the Sahara Desert would be a great choice to have nature’s sights. The same sand has various names and lapping numerous views to love. American Airlines Reservations offers a new discount flavor to Morocco. Hurry up! Book your tickets now.

  1. Erfoud: The desert is commonly called as gateway of Sahara Desert. Bare beauty of desert lies in its zickzack rocks and luring landscape. The natural beauty of the royal desert has various features to make your journey complete in all sense. The desert is known as the Royal Family’s place that ruled Morocco in the past. Desert’s sunset views will leave no corner unfilled of memory with unforgettable moments.
  1. Merzouga: The high dunes are the best attraction of the amazing city. Some of the dunes’ height may attain 350m. Most visited city by the tourists’ in Morocco. The city is located around 50 km long with cool temperature in winter and hot in summer. You can walk on dunes and can ride the motorbikes on the sandbank. Sleeping under the stars will cherish your dreams in the desert. Go and enjoy the desert’s odor.

  1. Quarzazate: The most famous desert city among the cities of Morocco. It is situated at 1.300 meters above the sea level. “Ait Benhaddo Kasbah”a must visit location. If you love natural views, see the “Oasis do fint”. Animals’ sounds make a feel like a village is around you. Camel trek is another option to run on sand.
  1. Zagora: It is widened in the south east of Morocco and famous for festivals and celebrations. If you love climbing, climb on Jebel Zagora a wonderful mountain attracts travelers from various regions. You can step for a long walk on bank of river Draa valley. There are gorgeous green lands which are sufficient for astonishing you at once.
  1. M’hamid: Just 98 km far from Zagora, is a small village and the last city of Sahara desert. Palm trees are the best attraction points of the village. Here you will feel a different comfort and will distinguish the views at sunset along with the unbroken flow of wind from the galleries of palm passages.

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Book Flights from American Airlines to Visit the Top Places in Peru

Dreaming about your vacation in South America but are confused about which place to go for your holiday? If yes, you must visit Peru and experience the natural lush green forest rainforest, ancient monuments, Ocean front restaurants and many more. Book your American Airlines Flights today and get ready to explore Peru. Let’s discuss some of the most popular places to visit in Peru:


As the capital of Peru, Lima is a beautiful place to visit for those who have a great interest in exploring historical things. The place is also known by the name of City of the Kings. All the couples like to visit this place because of the romantic and breathtaking site seeing of the Pacific Ocean. Apart from this, there are museums that symbolize the ancient history of Peru.

The Sacred Valley of the Incas

One of the perfect places for adventure lovers or we can also say the place to enjoy outdoor activities. This is the prime location and also known by the name of Urubamba Valley. Make your American Airlines Reservations today to enjoy everything.

Machu Picchu

Discover the new Seven Wonders of the World, Machu Picchu. It is a famous sacred place to visit in Peru. This is also one of the most visited places in South America. If anyone wants to enjoy the mesmerizing sight of the place then you must visit here by train and explore the lush green views of the place.


If you are a foodie as well as an art lover then Cusco is a must-visit place for you. One can enjoy the mouthwatering cuisines from local restaurants and enjoy the shopping. This place is also very popular for the Rainbow Mountains. But from Cusco, it will take almost one day to visit there. It is the best place to visit for nature lovers and for those who love to spend time in peace.


It is a small town located in Sacred Valley and is famous for the Salt Mines. There was a time when salt was being made in Marse through the salty water evaporation process. This place is famous not only for salt mines but also for the Colonial Church and Moray Inca ruins.

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Plan a Romantic Holiday by Booking American Airlines Flights to Orlando

Are you planning a trip to Orlando anytime soon? If yes, Orlando is a wonderful city in Florida which is quite famous among the tourists. It’s scenic beauty and modern lifestyle makes it worth visiting. Plan a romantic getaway with your partner in Orlando and spend some quality time together to create more memories to cherish forever. Book tickets and fly with American Airlines Flights and enjoy a hassle-free trip. Here are some of the most romantic places in Orlando to re-live your romantic days.

Morning Balloon Flight

The most romantic moment is that you can start your day in the sky with your partner. Landing makes the moment adventurous and extraordinary. Take your partner to a morning balloon flight and view the surreal beauty of Orlando from the sky.

The Titanic Tour

Pretty dramatic, the Titanic Tour guide is an amazing place to have fun at. This place in Orlando has the maximum number of visitors due to its certain quirky details. Live your romantic life with your spouse or partner at this spot. Book your tickets beforehand to avoid last minute chaos at American Airlines Reservations.

Walt Disney World, a Romantic Theme Park

Walt Disney World is a theme park situated in the heart of Orlando which creates thrill among the tourists. You can even take your children here and have a great experience. You dare not miss this place while you are in Orlando.

Swan Boat Adventure

Orlando makes your mornings beautiful with the morning balloon flights and your dinner nights worth remembering with the Swan Boat Adventure Trip. You can spend a great evening at Lake Eola’s beautiful banks after a trip in the Swan shaped boats. Make your travel arrangements at an affordable price at American Airlines Deals.

Sunset Views

No romantic trip is complete without a perfect dinner. To have some delicious food with your partner while enjoying the natural landscapes of Orlando. Take your partner to Sunset Views and have an amazing experience.

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Spend Some Family Time in Thimphu by Availing American Airlines Flights

Bhutan is the last remaining Buddhist kingdom located on the hills, and the ancient place is slowly moving towards development. Thimphu is the capital and largest city of Bhutan which keeps Buddhism alive.

Let us look at a few things to do in Thimphu.

Changangkha Lhakhang is a monastery from the 13th century; this place is meant for newborn babies. The babies come here to seek blessings of God. Book the American Airlines Flights to let the kids have blessings of the Gods.

The special attraction here is the statue of Buddha with 11 heads, many eyes, and hands which is built in gold and bronze. This is for evening and morning prayers and rated well by visitors.

Zilukha nunnery

Get enlightened by talking to the nuns in this convent.

Owl Trek

It is an expedition led by a local.  You will go around beautiful river valleys, climb the highest mountain present in the city – Mt. Gangkar Puensum. The three plants which you would see everywhere is pine plants, maple and finally, bamboo. Try how Bhutan looks from the peaks and get a bird’s eye view, and you would be bowled over by the rich variety of flora and fauna. The other treks are Paro trek, Druk trek, Jomolhari trek and much more.


There are live performances, parties at designated party spots, you would spend 500 Bhutanese currencies for one party, and it would not pinch your pocket. Just like all countries, there is a ladies night every week, and you can go for that if you do not want a lot of men to crowd around. To make the most of your trip, make American Airlines Reservations to reach around New Years’ Eve.

Thimphu museum

Here, you would learn about the lifestyle of the place and the material cult of the area, Bhutan. It looks gorgeous like a farmhouse, and very happening. Go to the American Airlines Official Site and book tickets to land straight in Thimphu.

Book American Airlines Flights & Find 5 Places for kid-Friendly Vacation in Canada

If you are in love with kids and want to travel with them to Canada, then you would be glad to know that Canada is one country which treats kids better than most countries in the world. For good measure, you should know which places your kids would love more than others when in Canada. Make prior arrangements by booking your tickets at American Airlines Reservations. While adults would love the museums, the Northern lights, and the adventure sports, but kids would love the zoos along with aquariums and amusement parks.

Let us quickly look at the best Canadian places to go to when you are a family with little kids. Search as per the American Airlines Flights you are getting.


Banff is the first place on the list. You can go for a gondola ride here with majestic views. If your kids like snow then they can play in this snowy place all day long. This is purely lake tourism. The hotels are lavish for when the kids want some rest after active outdoor exercise.

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is the second family-oriented place you must visit when in Canada. The falls are majestic, and kids would love the new names of the entire flora found in the Botanical gardens. Plus, kids would fall head over heels in love with more than 1500 aquatic species found in this place.


Vancouver boasts of ultimate kid attractions ranging from a mini train ride, playgrounds, water parks, the suspension bridge would be a favorite with kids. This is a spot which is often covered on TV and in movies, and your kids might identify the place because of that. On the whole, the site is just beautiful.

Quebec City

Now, it’s the fairy tale. Not only kids, but you would also fall in love with Quebec City for the same reason. There are fairy tale costume stores, and kids would love role-playing as their favorite fairy tale character. The costume station is at Musee de la Civilization. There is a beach where kids can play beach volleyball, and you could join them to relive your childhood.

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Enjoy Snorkeling in Canada by Booking Flights American Airlines

If your idea of recreation is seeing underwater life in its natural environment, then visit the American Airlines Official Site, and it will take you to a snorkeling destination which is for you. The Canadian freshwater lakes would win your heart; the country is majestically placed bordering Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Here is a list of wonderful snorkeling venues which you must visit.

Salmon and Seals at Vancouver Islands

Book your American airlines Flights and reach this location which is rated the best of all the snorkeling destinations. You will look at many limestone formations and marine life that are unique and bathed in beauty.  You would swim with the playful seals and these would bring much peace and adventure in your life.

Nova Scotia and Newfoundland

Nova Scotia and Newfoundland should be on your bucket list. Snorkel with whales. Can you even imagine how that would be? You would see some glorious dolphins too. It is an unforgettable trick of nature. You would want to return to these large and small mammals.

Hudson Bay

Hudson Bay water is warm so no worries of catching a cold or a case of frozen feet. It is recommended that you check the water temperature before you dive. Once you are in the water, the whales would sing to you if you are at an arm’s length from them. Do not forget to take your GoPro and shoot your underwater experience and you would leave many people jealous and inspired.

Heber River

The green waters would enchant you and put you in a frame of mind of a romantic or an adventure enthusiast. The temperature ranges from 2 degrees to 30 degrees so go at a time when the weather is in your favor. Make American Airlines Reservations in a way that you would find salmons which return to this river every year; witness the migration of these fishes and the same would mesmerize you. If you are lucky, you will find some trout.

Snorkeling is fast becoming the most popular water sport and you should be on the bandwagon.

Find Top 5 Waterfalls in Christchurch

Booking of flight tickets through American Airlines Reservations can prove to be a wise decision as they have been into this business for a long time and have been delivering top-notch services to all the respective customers. We all tend to travel to places and when it is about a journey via flights, it is all the more interesting and seems to be highly adventurous. However, one issue with flight journey which is universal is the factor of hike in the prices. Though the kind of luxury one encounters in flight journey, the prices are accordingly set. However, there are discounts and offers that are available and can be grabbed to enjoy the decrease in prices.

If the trip that you are planning is to New Zealand then Christchurch is a place that must be visited. It is highly beautiful and consists of some of the most exquisite waterfalls which are famous all over the world. The best way to get access to suitable flights might be possible if you decide to book American Airlines Flights. Here is a list of five waterfalls which you must visit when you visit Christchurch:

  1. Marokopa Falls

Witnessing these falls, one cannot help but fall in love with the beauty of this place.

  1. Huka Falls

The asset of these falls lies in the crystal clear and clean waters that fall from this place. It is indeed a joy and an adventure to witness such clear waters fall, fall which raises the visitors to the level of complete serenity.

  1. Purakaunui Falls

What adds to the beauty of this place is the natural greenery around this place. The green colour of the trees complements the blue clear water in the best possible manner.

  1. Kitekite Falls

As the name suggests, one’s soul actually flows freely like a kite when one watches the height of these falls.

  1. Bridal Veil Falls

The waters from this place fall with an immense speed which proves to be a highly adventurous experience in itself.

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Book Tickets Through American Airlines and See Traditional & Modern Culture in Prague

Prague, the capital of Czechoslovak, offers traditional and modern cultural events all year around. So, if you are willing to experience the best of both worlds, then book your American Airlines Flights immediately.

Traditional Religious holidays: During Easter, popular annual markets are held at Old Town Square, Republic Square, and Wenceslas Square. You can purchase traditional Czech Easter eggs, wooden toys, puppets, and handmade laces. You can see how the traditional craftsmen decorate Easter eggs and create colourful candles. You can enjoy local folk music and dance while tasting the famous Easter sweets.

Choral Meeting: Every spring, summer and autumn choral groups from across the globe meet and perform. You can join the choral groups to sing along or listen to them. You can join the choral group and walk around Prague to admire famous historical monuments. These include Charles Bridge, Old Town Hall, and the Astronomical Clock, Prague Castle and others.

Fringe Festival: Angus Coull, Carole Wears, and Steven Gove commenced this festival in May and June of 2001. Over 200 artists gather in Prague and perform 45 shows on comedy, dance, music, and theatre. You can attend these performances arranged in 8 different venues held in bars to theatres.

If you want to see modern cultures in Prague than book the American Airlines Reservations official site and get the more enjoy of the culture for more information for ticket call us: